How come your customers buy from your business, if they don’t know it is actually
Written by ArabyAds Content Team on March. 1st 2019
Once upon a time when digital marketing has not yet been born, the only way companies
would persuade people to buy their products was through TV ads for which these companies
used to invest big budgets which were supposed to make big promises. So, people used to
sit in their living rooms watching these ads at peak viewing moments. They believed
pretty much in everything being said to them and took the message they heard for
granted. Ultimately, people would go out the next day to buy the product without
having a whole lot of questions in mind.

However, this is not the case today. People have become way more circumspect. They
would question everything as their perceptions towards things have changed and their
expectations have risen accordingly. This is reflected on branding strategies which have
also changed as a result. Nowadays, the producer of your brand message is the same
consumer of your brand. Therefore, if you, as a brand leader, do not walk your talk, you
will be called out. This basically sums up the essence of branding role today.

So, what is branding and how it nourishes your business?

Branding, by definition, is a set of stories, memories, expectations, and experiences that
altogether, make up a consumer’s decision to select one product or service over another.
It is basically “the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company and
what people actually think about your company,” says Jay Bear, Author of the New
Revolution. Your brand is the purpose and passion that interprets and reflects all what
your company does. It expresses your company’s culture, value, and vision. Therefore,
before creating your brand, you should answer the following questions: Why should
people love your products and ultimately buy from you? Why should people love
working for you? What is so special about your business that would make people not go
to other competitors who offer the same product? Why do you really exist?

Once answered, these questions will help you get to know that you are in the right path
targeting the right audience.

The emotional connection creates brand loyalty

Imagine being part of a tribe which is a group of people who share the same values,
aspirations, ideals, and meanings, this will create within you a sense of belonging to this
tribe, and will consequently help you form part of your self- identity. This is what brand
leaders basically aspire to fulfill. Today in the digital world, the term “branding” is much
way sophisticated as it refers to a set of emotional connections to the entity behind the
company. Brands are not merely a name and a logo; rather, they are built to appeal to
people’s emotions and personal thoughts by creating a special meaning that has a value to
them. They touch people’s lives, so they would become not only buyers of the product,
but also advocates of it, meaning that they will come back again and again to buy the
same product from you even If they find it with other competitors at cheaper prices. Your
brand will be spread by word-of-mouth, so in the long run you will no longer need to
invest more in your marketing plans because your products are already inculcated within
people’s minds and hearts.

“My loyalty is partially based on the fact they agree with some of my personal beliefs, in
addition to other pragmatic aspects. Such brands/companies are well worth my continued
support.” A brand advocate.

There are no brands which are more emotionally resonant that those of sports clubs such as
Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, etc. Once someone has make up their minds
on a club, they are then committed for life, in sweet and sour times. This degree of
commitment and loyalty that sports clubs’ fans show is what many companies dream of
between their customers, and this will definitely lead to increasing sales as brand loyalty
is measured by the number of repeated purchases.

Start from the inside out
In fact, brand loyalty should grow from the inside out, and this contributes to increased
sales and profits. Once articulated, a brand needs to keep its promises on the inside
amongst the employees, and then to make them on the outside. It should be rooted
successfully between all the staff, so they understand it and act accordingly. When an
the employee knows they are working for a strong branded company, they will feel more
satisfied in what they do and this will increase the degree of pride they hold towards their
job. They are the ones that will actually make your brand come alive for your customers.
This means that the messages you send out to the market place should be first
incorporated internally to the extent that on-brand behavior becomes instinctive. It is not
an accident that Apple, for example, has widespread zealotry both inside and outside the
company. Therefore, you as a brand leader should always remember that if ongoing brand
staff education is not a priority, the business will never meet its full potential.

Brands and sales go side by side

Upon image only, a strong branded company can get billions of sales annually. However,
this reputation has not been obtained by coincidence. Basically, for businesses to
recognize themselves as branded companies, sales should not be their utmost priority at
the beginning. Instead, they should work more on establishing a name for their products
to be considered as a quality- provider. Companies should make their customers feel that
they are saving money by buying a long lasting service or product. Thus, by having
excellence and quality as their work ethics, strong brands will definitely attract and
generate more customers as well as other businesses. This will ultimately lead to
increased profits which will naturally result in more sales. Moreover, competition will be
reduced too as the general market may not be able to provides the quality offered by the
branded company.

To sum up

Branding builds a personality which denotes particular personal aspects to the business
and appeals on a comfortable and personal level to customers. No matter the product, the
name counts for the whole story. Everyone loves to have some recognition and
companies are no different.
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